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The Child on God’s Screensaver

February 27, 2009

In John Ortberg’s book, “God is Closer Than You Think“, he tells the story of sitting beside a man on an airplane who was looking at a picture of  a small toddler on the screensaver of his laptop.  Ortberg asked the man if the boy was his son.  The man replied that yes the little boy was his son and then preceded to tell Ortberg all about the boy.  As he spoke you could tell that the man adored his son. He spoke in awe as he told Ortberg about his son’s first step, as if his son was the only child that had ever accomplished this feat with such skill.  Upon reflection, Ortberg realized that the reason the father was so preoccupied with his son and was so impressed with his achievements was because he was looking at his son through the eyes of a father.  John Ortberg states, “Everything his son did was cloaked with wonder. It didn’t matter that other children do them as well.” 

Ortberg asked the father how long he had been away from his son.  He replied, “Yesterday”.  One day away from his child and the father was rushing back to be with his son.  Ortberg noted, “He didn’t simply want to love his son from a distance.  He wanted to be with him.”  

Ortberg went on to point out that we are that child on God’s screensaver.  Wow!  I remember when my children were that little and my feeling of an overwhelming, intense love for them.  Every milestone they accomplished I thought was absolutely incredible. If we could only realize that God loves us in that same personal, intimate way and that He doesn’t want to love us from a distance but that the Creator of the Universe wants to be with us.

I’m only part way through the first chapter but I can tell I’m going to like the book!

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