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Today at Barnes

March 23, 2009

Every Sunday afternoon I go to the Barnes and Noble’s in College Station, Texas. I take my Bible, my Precepts Bible  study, and some Bible reference books.  I try to get there early before the Texas A&M students take all the tables. They usually come in groups to study for upcoming tests and collaborate on group projects. If I get there by 1:30 then I usually get a table. If I get there earlier I might even get a table that is big enough for me to spread out all my books.  The fresh smell of coffee and whatever they are cooking puts me in this really relaxed mood as soon as I open the door.  I usually order a Light Mocha Frappachino to sip on while I do my study.  I put on my iPod and listen to praise and worship music as I study. In this crazy atmosphere with people all around me, I sometimes feel as if I’m in my own little world.  It’s just me and Jesus. There is something about the combination of digging into His Word and listening to worship music that enables me to feel very close to my Heavenly Father.  Some days the music is used just to block out the college student’s voices. Some days, however, the music seems to take center stage and mix in with what I’m reading.  These are very rich moments of communion with God.  It is in times like these that I feel like I’m all alone with God right in the middle of a very busy book store.  I find that all I can do is bow my head and silently worship the Lord. Today was one of those days. I downloaded Michael W. Smith’s CD, “A New Hallelujah” last night. I played it over and over all afternoon.  There was one song that drew me in.  It is called “Deep in Love with You.”  This was my prayer today.  I think it will be a song I play over and over for many days to come.

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