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Question Everything, Live for Something

April 16, 2009

Tonight I went to a documentary (“One Nation Under God“) that was created by four college students. Michael Allen & Austin Meek from Texas A&M, and Will Bakke & Lawson Hopkins from Baylor University, spent two months last summer traveling around the U.S. asking random people questions about God and eternity.  It was quite funny and thought-provoking at the same time.

The making of the documentary gave these four guys an opportunity to share their faith by asking some pretty simple questions.  Some of the questions they asked were:

Who was Jesus Christ?

What happens when you die?

What is your purpose on this earth?

What do you think about Christians?

The responses they received shouldn’t have surprised me, but they did.  Most of the people they spoke with seemed to have a very warped view of the gospel.  How one lived their life seemed to be the most common criteria for spending eternity in heaven.  Most believed that if you did good things, you would go to heaven when you die.    

Between the questioning, the young film-makers would splice in footage of one of them commenting on the answers someone was giving.  Sometimes their responses had a little too much sarcasm for me (probably my age) but then also they made some very profound observations.  

Overall I was impressed with these four young men and their friends.  They made me proud of this generation. The theater was full of college-age kids.  I think I was the oldest person there.  They laughed at the funny things the guys did through-out their travels (3 of them got poisonous oak) but then became still when the message of Christ was at the forefront.  The church is in good hands if these young men are examples of the next generation of leaders. They challenged all of us to be more vulnerable, honest, and real with non-believers.  They also challenged us to begin asking the same questions to those we come in contact with on a daily basis.  

Oh yeah there is one more reason I was proud of them, Michael Allen has started a ministry to help with world-hunger.  Each Tuesday he and his ministry team sell PB&J sandwiches on the campus of Texas A&M to raise money to feed hungry children in Kenya.  Take a look at their mission statement. The proceeds of the viewing of the documentary will help fund this project.

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