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The Adventure Begins

June 27, 2009

We left Bryan at 6:30 A.M.(6-26) thinking that the traffic might delay our arrival at the airport.  Our first stop was in Navasota to get our daily Diet Coke “fix”.  This will be our last Sonic drink for 15 days!  This may be our biggest sacrifice! 😉IMG_0016

The traffic wasn’t quite as bad as we thought so we got to the airport about 2 hours early so we walked around the airport killing time.  Once we got on the airplane we were told that the Miami airport had been closed due to some weather conditions so we were about an hour late taking off.  When we got to Miami we circled around out over the Atlantic ocean until we had clearance to land.  

This is the 6th time I’ve been on this mission trip and my husband’s 7th time.  Dick has been to Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama, and Peru.  I’ve been to all of those countries except Venezuela.  This will be our first time to go to Guatemala.  One of the greatest pleasures of these trips is that we have become very good friends with some of the other leaders. When you share life-changing spiritual events, deep friendships are forged. Tonight (6-27) we got to eat dinner with a few of those friends.

Kerry and Jenny Abernathy

Kerry and Jenny Abernathy



Our training begins this evening.  It will continue tomorrow and then the teens come on Monday.  Please join us in praying for the kids as they are preparing to come.  Most have never been on a trip like this so some will be apprehensive and not know what to expect. Pray that their travel plans go well and that we all remain healthy.  Also, pray that they will experience God in such a profound way that their life will never be the same!

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