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Ready, Set Go!

July 1, 2009


Today is our last day in the states.  Our team leaves the hotel at 3:30 AM.  Ugh!  Our flight leaves for Guatemala at 7:30 AM but since it is an international flight AND we have around 50 people in our group, it is wise to get to the airport early.  


Drama Rehearsal

Drama Rehearsal

We are spending the day polishing the drama, packing, and continuing to get to know each other.  The drama is coming along great! Our kids already know their parts and now the fun begins; putting their personality and acting skills to work.  It helps when they put on their costumes and use their props.  They become the character. I am very proud of them! It won’t be long before they will move me so that I feel the goose bumps and have tears in my eyes.  This drama always does that to me when done well.  It is a great tool to tell the story of the sacrifice that Jesus made for our redemption. 




Jonathan and Aaron showing us their skills!

Jonathan and Aaron showing us their skills!

We have great drama coaches.  Aaron Vokoun and Jonathan Coussens are both from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  They come every year to train the teams.  There are actually about 6 coaches.  They each train 2 teams.  We got lucky this year, Aaron and Jonathan combined their teams in one large room. This way we get both of their tips and coaching.  

Aaron and Jonathan are working with Impact Productions.  If you ever want to hire some drama coaches for any  drama production you want to perform for your church or other ministry you can contact Aaron at:



Team 6 working together to untie the human knot

Team 6 working together to untie the human knot

Along with the drama-training, Aaron and Jonathan had our teams play some team-building games.  They had the teams create a human knot while they were holding hands and then had them “untie” the knot while continuing to hold hands. It took awhile for the kids to figure it out but they finally were successful!  We debriefed the game after it was over to let them acknowledge what team skills they used to successfully untangle the knot.  Oh, by the way, Team 6 was the ONLY team in the room that got their knot untied. YES!

This may be my last post for several days.  We have a travel day tomorrow and I’m not sure when they will get the “Internet Cafe” set up.  Please pray for us.

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  1. July 2, 2009 8:10 PM

    P.S. Thank you again for pulling out your camera and snapping a picture!

  2. Janis permalink
    July 4, 2009 10:18 PM

    Jen, I am so excited and moved to read your blog posts. You can write as well as you speak. You gift allows me to feel like I am there with you and Team 6. I can’t tell you how much that means to me. Each evening I think of you guys right around FUAGNEM time. I know that you are tired but filled with such a sweet peace and rest in your soul because you know that you are being “used of God”. I remember that feeling as if it were just yesterday. I look forward to hearing about your ministry days. I am following the mission trip blog with all the pictures, videos and postings. I heard from Susie today so I know that you guys must have connectivity. Give my love to ALL.

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