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Monday, July 6th

July 8, 2009

A Trip to Lake Atitlan and Getting Rid of the Shackles then Leaving the Cemetery


Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

On Monday, July 6th, our team went to Lake Atitlan to visit the Mayan Indian town of San Pedro.  It gave our kids a chance to experience some of the natural beauty of Guatemala.  There are 12 Mayan towns that surround the lake.  Most of the towns will be visited by one of the teams over the ten days we are in Guatemala. We went with with Team 5 to visit San Pedro.  






Team 6 performing Spell Bound in San Pedro, Guatemala

Team 6 performing Spell Bound in San Pedro, Guatemala

We each performed the drama at different locations.  We selected a large sidewalk that was close to a street.  We had about 30 people stop and watch the drama.  We were able to pray with four people after the drama.  







In order to get to Lake Atitlan we had to drive two and half hours on a bus, then take a 45 minute ferry to get to San Pedro.  I could have done with out the bus ride, but the boat ride was so much fun.  The scenery was breathtaking and the pace of the boat was slow enough to allow us to totally relax and feel like tourists for a short while.  

Chilling on Lake Atitlan

Chilling on Lake AtitlanFor just a few short moments Dick and I pretended we were on a cruise ship!


Susie had all of us wear a 6-foot piece of twine all day.  It was scratchy and uncomfortable. When we entered FUAGNEM we saw 24 tombstones hanging from the ceiling.  Each team had two tombstones with their students’ names on the tombstones.  Susie choose Mark 5: 1-20 as the text for her sermon.  This portion of scripture tells the story of Jesus’ encounter with the man named Legion.  He lived in a cemetery and was so deranged that no one could subdue him.  He could even break out of the shackles and chains that his community tried to use to contain him.  When Jesus met Legion, He quickly recognized that he was demon-possessed by many demons.  Jesus had mercy on Legion and healed him and told him to leave the cemetery and go home where he belonged.

Susie urged the teens to reflect upon their lives and identify the events in their lives or the sins they were committing that had them in shackles and caused them to “live among the tombs”.  She then asked each of the teams to leave the FUAGNEM room and find a quiet, private place to meet.  Each team then allowed the teens to come before their team to confess what had them shackled and kept them from having a “Platinum” relationship with Jesus (see post on July 3rd). This was totally voluntary, but every single member of my team took this opportunity to verbalize what had been holding them back spiritually. When they did, we cut off the twine on their wrists, (symbolizing their shackles), prayed with them, then they ripped off their name on the tombstone and said:

I’m leaving the cemetery.  I was made for Kingdom living.”

 This night will be with me for many months to come. What they told us needs to remain private, but suffice it to say, the teens on this mission trip mirror the sins and tragedies of our sick society. My heart aches for this generation. The answer to their deepest longings is Jesus, not the things they are using to fill the void in their life.  The more I get to know Him, through His Word, the more that I ABSOLUTELY KNOW I can trust Him with what matters most to me.  My prayer for Team 6 and every other teen on this trip is that they dive deep into His Word and study it so that they will have an intimate, personal understanding of who God is.  As they do this, they will begin to trust Him and ask Him to transform them into His likeness.  This will lead to such a profound love and adoration of Jesus that their obedience to Him will be out of devotion and not duty. Only then can they truly break the shackles that binds them and stop dwelling among the tombs. 

 Tonight will be my favorite night of this trip.  We did some serious Kingdom business!

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