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Gaining Perspective

November 3, 2012

Used with CC persmission from Flickr user Vaguely Artistic

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been fascinated with the political process. I remember watching both party’s political conventions from gavel to gavel even when I was in elementary school. This fascination grew into a passion. I majored in political science in college and then used this background to teach social studies in middle and high school classrooms.

Knowing this, you can probably imagine that I have been just a bit distracted with the current presidential election. I’ve struggled to find a balance with work, family, and my preoccuation with every single poll that comes out. Is my candidate up or down in the Gallup or Rasmussen poll? What about Ohio? Oh wait, now the race is tightening in Wisconsin and Michigan? I find myself running to Twitter, blogs, and online news sites to see who is up and who is down. This preoccupation has a way of seeping into my subconscious and affecting how I am feeling at the moment. My faith in God knows this is wrong. Scripture reminds me not to worry about anything. It admonishes me to recognize that God is in complete control and that the real solutions to our problems are spiritual, not political.

To try to bring some balance, I joined a 40-day prayer and fast for the election. I gave up Diet Cokes with lime from Sonic. If you knew how addicited I was to them you would see how significant this is! As I prayed for the election I found it hard to pray out-right that my candidate would win. Instead I began to cry out that God would unlesah His Holy Spirit so that we would have a revival in this country. I prayed that God would reveal the truth about both men to the American public. Reveal who they really are, not who their campaign wants us to see. I prayed that God would speak to His people and stir them to get involved in the political process. I also prayed that God would use the process to reveal His glory.

When I keep my mind on these prayers, I remain calm, but when I run to the computer to see what the Real Clear Politics poll average is, I become anxious. That is why Erick Erickson’s post 50,000 Feet Looking Down resonated with me. It’s a great reminder that we have to keep this election in perspective. In the post he states:

What I do know for sure is that I’m headed home to eternity and this world is temporary. So while I like politics and have my side and want it to win, I’m not going to be partying in the street if my side does win and I’m not going to think the end of the world is upon us if my side loses.

Whatever happens with the election doesn’t change the fact that we are here to advance God’s interests, not ours. God uses all circumstances to fulfill His promises and His plan. Erickson reminds us that:

God is sovereign. And whether you are for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, set your sights on God, not November 6th, and be happy. In four years, we really will do this all over again whether right now you think so or not. There is no permanence except in Heaven.

Whether you support President Obama or Governer Romney, I encourage you to read his post. Take a break from brewing over the lastest polls. Go see a movie, read a good book. But…make sure you vote!

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